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Robert Lakatos: His musical skills are based strictly to classical tunes. He is one of the musicians who will never have any doubt: the musical Holy Bible is from Bach and Beethoven. Every musical element until our days coming from their works. To the perform of the cadences a few improvisation break in: they accompany the audience to the next part when the jazz band plays. Andres Carciente: He was awarded "Best Pianist" and "Best Soloist" at the International Jazz Competition in Krakow in 1995. He also was awarded first prize at the International Jazz Solo Piano Competition at Montreux in 2001 and "Best Soloist" at the competition for young European bands organized by Avignon Jazz Festival in 2005. He has played with several renowned musicians such as ; Reggie Johnson, Keith Copeland, Tony Lakatos, Alvin Queen, Erik Truffaz, Peter Bernstein, Jack DeJohnette, John Patitucci, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Rodney Holmes, Chris MihnDoki, Melissa Walker, Klaus Weiss, Thomas Stabenow, Ravi Coltrane, Hiram Bullock and Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. He was given concert in the following cities: London, Madrid, Roma, Vienna, Praga, Budapest, Helsinki, Bergen, Stavanger, Vilnius, Athens, Luzern,Eisenach, Montpellier, Melilla. At the 250th Anniversary of J.S.Bach, concert at the Wartburg in Eisenach, broadcasted by Radio Berlin Deutschland. Recordings also for the BBC 4 (TV).Gyorgy Kurtag invited him to his Chamber Music Workshop at the Konzerthaus in Vienna. Andres inaugurated the Steinway piano donated by Sir Georg Solti in a concert at the Liszt Museum in Budapest. He has articipated at the Music Festivals of Luzern, Stavanger and Montpellier. Szakcsi Jr:From the age of six to twelve he had a classical education then his interest turned to jazz music.He has played with several foreign musicians such as Lakatos "Ablakos" Dezso ,Tony Lakatos, Rick Margitza, Jack DeJohnette , John Patitucci, Ravi Coltrane, Palle Daniellson, Ed Thigpen. Contemporary jazz - musicians and djs find a lot of meeting point together in these days: their common sessions performed contribute new informations which inspirates both team. The point is: jazz, soul and electric effect ripple. The bases of jazz, the rythms are the same and all the musicians know very well when and where shine their own improvisation attitude. Flightlevel This site created by Norbert Csaba Erdélyi [nicozulu@gmail.com] and Logbasan [ logbasantechnology.com ]